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Monthly Archives: May 2012

freezing strawberries – {what i’m working on today}

strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!  i feel like i have been staring at them all morning.  last night we tookView full post »

cookouts & splash parks {happy memorial day weekend!}

it is hot out! there has been very little actual cooking in our house the last two days,  because we have been spendingView full post »

when fermenting goes bad, literally {coconut milk yogurt, part 2}

i am far from being a germ freak.  i am one that actually believes that our world is far to sanitary, kids don’t playView full post »

coconut milk yogurt {part 1}

i first attempted making my own yogurt about 2 years ago, when i was completely dairy free.  though we have nowView full post »

favorite almond flour on sale today!

so i just thought i would share a quick post that our favorite almond flour is on sale today!  which is a good thing,View full post »

oh crap, what’s for dinner?

i love to cook, i love to try new recipes and create new dishes, but let’s be honest…i am a busy self-View full post »

flax seed eggs

i love eggs.  or rather, i “loved” eggs.  you see, our little family is on a break from eggs (one i hope will onlyView full post »

red wine marinated fajitas {gluten free}

we do taco night a lot in our house. the simple beef type with tomatoes, green chilies and cumin. it is one of our “goView full post »

our favorite green smoothie {peach banana spinach smoothie}

i remember when i used to see people drinking green smoothies or juices and the thought of “drinking” aView full post »

while i was making dinner – {life with 2 little boys}

as i was buzzing around making dinner, i sent the boys outside to play on our patio.  a few minutes later as i ranView full post »

citrus marinated tuna steaks – {gluten-free}

one of our goals as a family for 2012 is to eat fish twice a week. we are actually doing a better job at it than i hadView full post »

the sprouted life’s favorites {raspberry chia seed lemonade}

a few months ago i was making one of those “mad dash” shopping trips at whole foods around lunch time.  iView full post »