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hi. welcome to the sprouted life.

  • i am jennifer.
  • i am a mom of three very active little boys, and a wife that is loved.
  • i am gluten free and still recovering from vitamin & mineral deficiencies.
  • i feel so much better than i did 7 years ago, it’s amazing.
  • i am lover of real food, of cooking, of experimenting (but let’s be honest, i hate the cleaning up part).
  • i love farmer’s markets & it makes me proud that my little boys enjoy them too.
  • i am beyond excited for our CSA this year & can’t wait for my fresh local produce box each week.
  • i am busy, but i still try to find time each day to play in the dirt with my boys.  my oldest, brady believes he already is a farmer.
  • we live in the suburbs, but we try our best to grow things in our backyard.
  • i have killed every indoor plant i have ever owned (i am still working on fixing this one).
  • my background & degree is in graphic design & photography (but i randomly have a biology minor).
  • i have worked as a photographer & designer for the last 10 years and before that, i was the marketing director at a jewelry store.
  • i believe in eating real food, prepared with traditional practices, but i am not willing to sacrifice our life & social involvements for it.
  • we are trying to find balance, while trying to make the best decisions for our health & family.
  • i can’t take credit for even half of the recipes i will share.  my better half spends just as many hours cooking as i do (i am lucky).
  • i am inspired by so many other bloggers, and i will always try to give credit back (i work in the visual world & despise copyright theft).
  • you are welcome to share my food images, just please link back to the source.
  • writing intimidates me, that will be my biggest struggle with this blog.
  • my boys make me laugh everyday. i really do love being a mom.
  • i will try and share parts of our story & history along the way.
  • my basil sprout photo in the intro is to remind me that the seeds we plant, really do grow (i just have to remember to water them).
  • want to know more? just ask.  i’m only a little shy (well, mainly in big groups).
thank you for stopping by.  i hope you will find a recipe or an idea to be inspired today!
May 2, 2012 - 1:15 pm

Suzanne Burnie - Hi Jennifer
I love your post for the Chia Breakfast Shortcakes. I have 5 children, the youngest who are twins are 22. I started on the same path as you 6 years ago. I thought I was trying to be healthy with whole wheat baking and brown sugar. Boy was I wrong. Since being diagnosed with Celiac and the help of a really good doctor my whole family as gone gluten free, then SCD and GAPS. I really like your take on daily life with raising children, growing stuff and looking for healthy alternatives in this very processed world.Drop by my blog to look at my posts on what is wrong out there and a few recipes from time to time. A kindred spirit Suzanne

November 7, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Cindy - Hi,
I have been following your blog for a little while and didn’t realize you lived near me. I went to the Earth Fare opening today and it was packed. It was nice to see people so excited about obtaining better foods for their families. It also makes me happy to know there are people like you near me that are looking for better food and better health. All the best.

November 26, 2015 - 5:54 am

Sai Karthik - Hi,

Firstly, thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

Secondly, your blog is very impressive. We would like to run a Christmas contest and giveaway a USD 200 gift card to one of your blog readers.

Is that something you are interested in? Let me know, so that I can send you more details.


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