hi. welcome to the sprouted life.

  • i am jennifer.
  • i am a mom of three very active little boys, and a wife that is loved.
  • i am gluten free and still recovering from vitamin & mineral deficiencies.
  • i feel so much better than i did 7 years ago, it’s amazing.
  • i am lover of real food, of cooking, of experimenting (but let’s be honest, i hate the cleaning up part).
  • i love farmer’s markets & it makes me proud that my little boys enjoy them too.
  • i am beyond excited for our CSA this year & can’t wait for my fresh local produce box each week.
  • i am busy, but i still try to find time each day to play in the dirt with my boys.  my oldest, brady believes he already is a farmer.
  • we live in the suburbs, but we try our best to grow things in our backyard.
  • i have killed every indoor plant i have ever owned (i am still working on fixing this one).
  • my background & degree is in graphic design & photography (but i randomly have a biology minor).
  • i have worked as a photographer & designer for the last 10 years and before that, i was the marketing director at a jewelry store.
  • i believe in eating real food, prepared with traditional practices, but i am not willing to sacrifice our life & social involvements for it.
  • we are trying to find balance, while trying to make the best decisions for our health & family.
  • i can’t take credit for even half of the recipes i will share.  my better half spends just as many hours cooking as i do (i am lucky).
  • i am inspired by so many other bloggers, and i will always try to give credit back (i work in the visual world & despise copyright theft).
  • you are welcome to share my food images, just please link back to the source.
  • writing intimidates me, that will be my biggest struggle with this blog.
  • my boys make me laugh everyday. i really do love being a mom.
  • i will try and share parts of our story & history along the way.
  • my basil sprout photo in the intro is to remind me that the seeds we plant, really do grow (i just have to remember to water them).
  • want to know more? just ask.  i’m only a little shy (well, mainly in big groups).
thank you for stopping by.  i hope you will find a recipe or an idea to be inspired today!