i love to cook.

i often times get asked about the meals i make, how i have time, etc.  i think that a common misconception is that because my husband & i love to cook, and because we blog about it; that we cook elaborate meals all the time. that is not even close to accurate.  we are busy, have two boys under the age of 4, both work and attempt to have a social life. so many of our meals are on the fly and quickly thrown together.  tonight for example, at 4:00 i realized that i hadn’t even thought about dinner & had absolutely no desire to cook anything.  so, i decided it was loaded baked potato night.

we have huge box of organic local potatoes left from our CSA, always keep a few bags of organic frozen brocoli in the freezer and had a yummy block of raw cheese in the fridge. perfect. literally, the entire meal was less than 10 minutes to prep.  we also slather our potatoes in coconut oil to add a little more fat to balance the carbs and make it more filling and my husband, also topped his potato with left over chili.   of course bacon would have been perfect, but we didn’t have any).  as a side, i served a little bowl of frozen blueberries.  quick, simple no fuss dinners, that my boys love.

so on nights when you don’t want to cook…think, loaded bake potatoes  {there are so many ways to top them creatively}.

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