it is hot out!

there has been very little actual cooking in our house the last two days,  because we have been spending the weekend at the splash park with the kids & at cookouts with friends.  i had big plans of creating an interesting side dish to take to our cookout last night, but after spending 5 hours of our saturday meeting with a home builder, i ran out of time and energy.  so needless to say, our contributions to the cookout, were last minute dijon mustard potato salad, (with the random ingredients in our house) and homemade applesauce (we are trying to eat through our pantry before we move).  other than that, we have literally eaten every left-over we could find in our refrigerator and grilled applegate farms organic hot dogs. this week i will share some of the quick recipes of our weekend foods, including our organic quinoa & black bean mexican style salad (served hot or cold).  but for now, here are a few pics of what we have been up to this holiday weekend!

happy memorial day!

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