i am super excited about my 3 new jars of veggies that are fermenting on my counter right now.  we got some yummy pickling cucumbers and a beautiful head of red cabbage in our CSA share last week, so i knew i needed to try some new recipes with them. i have two types of cucumbers recipes turning into lacto-fermented pickles, one is a pretty simple garlic-dill and the second has more kick with some cayenne and red pepper flakes.  i will hopefully be sharing the recipes in a few days when they are done (i have no clue how they are going to taste). i also made a batch of garden dill fermented veggies, featuring red & green cabbage, a cucumber, carrots, garlic and dill.  dont’ they look pretty! i can’t wait to try them.


also, this week i have been busy freezing blueberries.  we try to freeze 50-70 lbs each summer and typically those won’t make it through the whole year, but that really is about all the freezer space i can give up.  i wash and dry them and then flash freeze them on cookie sheets before putting in containers.  we love blueberries in this house!

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