i love to cook, i love to try new recipes and create new dishes, but let’s be honest…i am a busy self-employed mom.  i don’t sit around all day and dream of the meal i am creating that evening.  more often than not, i will be busily working away editing photos or designing something (my kids afternoon naps are my main office time) and i will realize that it is approaching 4:30 and i don’t have a clue what we are having for dinner and that’s my daily “oh, crap” moment.  we have been facing this even more in the last 2 weeks (and can foresee it getting worse for a bit) as we just randomly sold our house (which we had taken off the market 6 month ago) and don’t have a clue at the moment where we are moving to.  three years ago, when we faced busy (or busier) waves in our lives, we would simply grab a pizza or fast food, so how do we avoid that now?  how do i keep healthy, wholesome meals in my kids when i don’t have time to spend in the kitchen?

my simple rule: don’t keep junk in the pantry or house or it is way to tempting when you are on the go.  instead, i make sure my freezer is stocked with grass-fed beef, free-range chickens and a supply of wild caught fish.  i always have a variety of organic frozen veggies and every weekend we stock up on fresh veggies/fruit for the week.

here is a typical last minute dinner in our house:

  • grass-fed burgers topped with tomatoes (we typically lettuce wrap them, but of course i was out of lettuce)
  • frozen organic broccoli (lightly steamed and topped with coconut oil and sea salt)
  • grilled zucchini spears (drizzled with olive or coconut oil, sea salt & pepper)
  • and dessert? well that was a jar of unsweetened applesauce that we canned last fall (we were a bit ambitious with our canning) and applesauce makes a frequent appearance at dinner

all of this was prepared in less than 15 minutes, (quicker than a drive-thru run) and easily for less than $10 for our entire family.  yes, it  is not a culinary masterpiece, or an amazing and unique combination of flavors, but it is simple, fast and still delicious.

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