a few months ago i was making one of those “mad dash” shopping trips at whole foods around lunch time.  i have learned that i should never, ever shop when i am hungry.  i have zero self control. anyway, i managed to get out of the store without grabbing a lot of extras except for a bottle of cranberry chia seed lemonade.  it looked interesting & bonus, it was on sale. i loved it.  the texture is a little odd the first time you drink it, but other than that you never notice the chia seeds.  our family is already a lover of fresh squeezed lemonade, so why not add more fiber & omega fats?  we always have fresh lemons in our house (i buy 10 lbs of organic lemons every month in my azure standard order) and those only last us about 2-3 weeks.  so if you are looking for a refreshing summer drink, definitely try some chia seed lemonade. we typically just make ours by the glass & raspberries are not necessary…the plain lemon is wonderful also.



raspberry chia seed lemonade
Recipe type: drink
a quick refreshing summer drink, packed full of nutrients
  • 2 organic lemons
  • handful of raspberries (or any desired fruit)
  • 3 Tbps. chia seeds
  • 16 ounces of water
  • splash of maple syrup (per desired sweetness)
  1. use a citrus juicer or hand squeeze the lemons
  2. juice the raspberries or crush up with a mortar.
  3. mix lemons, juiced raspberries & 16 ounces of water
  4. add a splash of maple syrup and stir
  5. taste to check sweetness, add more maple syrup if needed
  6. add in chia seeds and stir throughly
  7. let set for about 5 minutes before drinking (chia seeds need to hydrate)
we like our lemonade tart, so i use just a splash of maple syrup, but you can mix it to desired sweetness. *maple syrup will settle on bottom, so make sure to stir it in well.

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